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RM 60.00

Name: PASCA-PEMILU 2019 - INDONESIA (ASEAN Post-Elections, Serie 2).

Code:  ?? - ?? / 2019.

Launch:      2019 ( Jakarta, INDONESIA )

Issuers:       Joint -  PT EZK Nusantara Internasional & QC DiRHAM

Collection:  ASEAN Post-Elections Series.

Series:         2 of 2.            ( Serie 1: PASCA PRU-14 - MALAYSIA )

Version:      1 of 1. 

Mintage:    575 pieces.
                  ( Same number as per the representatives in Indonesia's DPR )

Denomination:          2 DiRHAM

Coin Specifications:  Weight - 5.95g / Diameter: 25mm / Material - 999 Silver.

(1) The "PASCA-PEMILU 2019 - INDONESIA" Dirham is QC DiRHAM's THIRD silver dirham coin to be launched in INDONESIA.

(2) The "ASEAN Post-Elections Series" was conceived by QC DiRHAM as a follow-on to the ASEAN Elections Series.

The main reason is to provide information on the winners in the elections process and the party(ies)/coalition forming the Government.

Amongst information provided are:-
A. Year and/or Number of General Elections;
B. Name of General Elections;
C. Names and logos of political parties taking part in the country's General Elections;
D. Number of seats contested for in the respective countries' Parliament.

E. Number of seats won by the contending political parties.
F. The President/Prime Minister-elect.

(3) Mintage is as per the numbers of seats contested for in the respective countries' Parliament. 
Example 1: PASCA PRU-14 MALAYSIA (Serie 1), 222 seats contested for in Parliament.
                   Hence, mintage for PASCA PRU-14 silver coin is 222 pieces.

Example 2: PASCA PEMILU 2019 - INDONESIA (Serie 2), there are 575 seats contested
                   for in Parliament.
                  Hence, mintage for PASCA PEMILU 2019 silver coin is 575 pieces.