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Name: PEMILU 2019 - INDONESIA (ASEAN Elections, Serie 2).

Code:  16 - 03 / 2019.

Launch:      APRIL 2019 ( Santka Hotel - Jakarta, INDONESIA )

Issuer:        Joint - PT EZK Nusantara Internasional & QC DiRHAM

Collection:  ASEAN Elections Series.

Series:         2 of 2            ( Serie 1: PRU-14 - MALAYSIA )

Version:      1 of 2. 
( Version 1 is for the INDONESIAN Market. The distinguishing feature is the Indonesian Flag at the Back of the Coin is COLOURED-RED. 

Version 2 is for the Malaysian market where the Indonesian Flag is NOT COLOURED).

Mintage:    575 pieces.
                 ( Same number as per the representatives in Indonesia's DPR )

Denomination:          2 DiRHAM

Coin Specifications:  Weight - 5.95g / Diameter: 25mm / Material - 999 Silver.

(1) The "PEMILU 2019 - INDONESIA" Dirham is QC DiRHAM's FIRST silver dirham coin to be launched in INDONESIA.

(2) It is also the FIRST coloured-coin Dirham to be issued by QC DiRHAM.

(3) The "ASEAN Elections Series" was conceived by QC DiRHAM to not only celebrate General Elections held in ASEAN countries but also to provide information on the elections process.

Amongst information provided are:-
A. Year and/or Number of General Elections;
B. Name of General Elections;
C. Names and logos of political parties taking part in the country's General Elections;
D. Number of seats contested for in the respective countries' Parliament.

(4) Mintage is as per the numbers of seats contested for in the respective countries' Parliamen. 
Example 1: PRU-14 MALAYSIA (Serie 1), 222 seats contested for in Parliament.
                   Hence, mintage for PRU-14 silver coin is 222 pieces.

Example 2: PEMILU 2019 - INDONESIA (Serie 2), 575 seats contested for in Parliament.
                   Hence, mintage for PEMILU 2019 - INDONESIA silver coin is 575 pieces.